Oilfield Environmental Assessments

oil and gas environmental assessments

Oil and gas field environmental assessment and remediation

AAI has extensive oilfield experience in conducting Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments, and remediation on active and inactive oil and gas well properties, as well as, oilfield services properties. Our due diligence services for transactions in the oilfield will help identify significant liabilities. We also conduct Baseline Studies on oilfield-related properties prior to companies starting operations on a lease, in order to help prevent the client from being held responsible for existing contamination from previous oil well drilling, production and support services activities. We have conducted these types of entrance and exit studies on hundreds of oil and gas well properties throughout the U.S.

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Research of historic databases, analysis of historic aerial photographs and inspections by an experienced oilfield assessor is key to a proper investigation to determine if there is existing or significantly potential contamination in the form of regulated waste or other issues such as improperly abandoned dry boreholes or improperly designed surface casing. If needed, we remediate your site with proper disposal of regulated waste or other approved methods.

AAI's professional experience in conducting these types of investigations and cleanups at these sites sets us apart as being experts in this area. These investigations and cleanups should be designed and carried out properly or an environmental liability could be missed, which can create significant liability.

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Nothing can replace hands on experience of working in the oil and gas fields to provide real world handling of environmental issues that can arise due to historic and ongoing well drilling and production activities. Environmental assessments of oll and gas fields are unique in their issues and should be managed by a geologist or engineer with extensive experience in this area of expertise.

Representative oilfield environmental projects

Here is a list of some of AAI's environmental experience in oilfield environmental consulting:

Oil & Gas Fields Environmental Consultants for Soil and Groundwater Remediation and Cleanups

As natural gas has become a more important component to our energy usage, exploration and production companies should conduct baseline studies prior to entering a lease in order to provide protection from future environmental liablilities. AAI also has extensive experience in remediation and site mitigation due to releases of crude oil, petroleum environmental issues, as well as, contamination associated with drilling activities. We have completed environmental work on oil environmental problems and environmental issues from oil spills at oilfield properties throughout the United States, and some work in Canada, as well.

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