NEPA Environmental Assessments

NEPA environmental assessments

National Environmental Policy Act

NEPA Environmental Assessments

AAI conducts reports and studies to help proposed construction projects and undertakings adhere to the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA. We prepare NEPA Environmental Assessments for federal grant applications from federal agencies, such as: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Department of Agriculture, Health and Human Services (HHS), Federal Health Care Stimulus funds, etc. The following description from the Environmental Protection Agency summarizes the NEPA process.

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NEPA Reports

The NEPA process consists of an evaluation of the environmental effects of a federal undertaking including its alternatives. There are three levels of analysis depending on whether or not an undertaking could significantly affect the environment. These three levels include: categorical exclusion determination; preparation of an environmental assessment/finding of no significant impact (EA/FONSI); and preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS).

Categorical Exclusion Determination

At the first level, an undertaking may be categorically excluded from a detailed environmental analysis if it meets certain criteria which a federal agency has previously determined as having no significant environmental impact. A number of agencies have developed lists of actions which are normally categorically excluded from environmental evaluation under their NEPA regulations.

Environmental Assessment

At the second level of analysis, a federal agency prepares a written environmental assessment (EA) to determine whether or not a federal undertaking would significantly affect the environment. If the answer is no, the agency issues a finding of no significant impact (FONSI). The FONSI may address measures which an agency will take to reduce (mitigate) potentially significant impacts.

Environmental Impact Statement

If the EA determines that the environmental consequences of a proposed federal undertaking may be significant, an EIS is prepared. An EIS is a more detailed evaluation of the proposed action and alternatives. The public, other federal agencies and outside parties may provide input into the preparation of an EIS and then comment on the draft EIS when it is completed.

If a federal agency anticipates that an undertaking may significantly impact the environment, or if a project is environmentally controversial, a federal agency may choose to prepare an EIS without having to first prepare an EA.

After a final EIS is prepared and at the time of its decision, a federal agency will prepare a public record of its decision addressing how the findings of the EIS, including consideration of alternatives, were incorporated into the agency's decision-making process.

AAI's archaeologists, biologists and environmental scientists conduct the appropriate level of studies for the clients' projects and submit them to the appropriate lead agency in order to adhere to federal regulations promulgated under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Studies typically conducted as part of the process, include: wetlands review, endangered species habitat assessment, historic buildings, cultural sites, flood plains, scenic trails, etc. For a consultation on your NEPA requirements, feel free to contact us.

Other services offered as part of the NEPA process: wetlands delineation, agency consultations, flood map reviews, endangered species habitat review, Army Corps permits, Phase 1 Archaeological reports, site mitigations, etc.

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AAI prepares NEPA environmental assessments for proposed construction projects and undertakings, including those required by federal grants. Different federal agencies can have have specific requirements and our reports will be prepared according to the specific agency requirements.

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